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Destiny (1/1)

Title: Destiny
Characters: Elizabeth Porter, plus other characters you will certainly recognise
Rating: PG
Summary: Elizabeth has just arrived in New York to follow her dream to become a ballerina...
Author's note: This drabble can be placed before her biography, and it's the first of a series of drabbles I plan to write to shed a little light on Elizabeth's past as a dancer, her friendship with Peter and Gabriel, and her coping with he power. I don't know/remember when Chandra Suresh arrived in New York, but I liked the idea of him and Elizabeth meeting so I made it happen : )

Unbeta'd, so forgive my mistakes


Elizabeth never felt so excited in her entire life.
She was in New York!
And she probably never stopped smiling for a second since she had boarded the plane in St. Louis.
Elizabeth shook her head and told herself to stop being so… so like her. She had been admitted to the American Ballet, one of the most famous and competitive dance academies of the country, she had to learn to dominate her emotions! And she had fought too hard to convince her family she could make it on her own. It was time to demonstrate to everyone she was no china doll, even if her appearance screamed otherwise.
Elizabeth checked for the umpteenth time the documents she had to give to the ballet school’s secretariat while she was waiting for her baggage, and then she stepped outside the airport.
Granma had given her extra money to take a taxi to the school, but she had also told her clearly: “Go only with someone you trust at first sight.” According to the old lady, her eighteen-years-old niece had an ability to read people that was almost supernatural. A gift from God, she had always said to her. Elizabeth had never really thought about it. It was just something she was very good at. Her gift was to be able to dance. Read people... was something else.

She let people walk past her in the line, earning some perplexed and even slightly amused looks. But she wanted to keep her word… and the last taxi driver… well, the way he made her feel was everything but reassuring. She smiled at his disappointment when a man with horn-rimmed glasses boarded his taxi instead of her, along with a tall, young guy with dark skin and a curious necklace. For a second he looked at her straight in the eyes; then he gave her an almost unperceivable nod and smile. Elizabeth frowned, but then the taxi left and Elizabeth faced the next in line.
She gave this driver a big smile. He was the right one. 
Elizabeth moved before someone else preceded her. The man got out of the car to help her with her bags and she asked him to take her to the American Ballet School.
The old man's name was Chandra. He was Indian, Elizabeth discovered, and even if he tried his best not to show it, Elizabeth could tell he had an education. The way he spoke to her, the themes they discussed… not the usual chit-chat you did to spend the time. Elizabeth told him she had been admitted to a special program, a fast-lane – so to speak – for a bright career as a ballerina, and he knew of what program she was talking about. No one did… she always had to explain everything to everyone. She asked him what took him in New York, and he replied with a simple word.
It was the way he had said that simple word. He was so sure and determined. Whatever his destiny was, Elizabeth hoped he would fulfill it. He wasn't what he wanted people to believe. She didn't know why, but she could tell there was more to that man than it met the eye...

When they reached the school, Elizabeth felt almost sorry she couldn’t speak any longer with that man. He carried her bags inside the school, and he refused Elizabeth’s money when she tried to pay for the ride.
“I don’t understand.”
“I get paid when I do my job. This has not been a job for me.” He took her hand in his, and looked Elizabeth in her eyes, “It has been a pleasure to meet you, Elizabeth.”
He wished her all the best, and then he left. Elizabeth watched the taxi disappear into the traffic, and then turned to face the school. Another deep breath, and she stepped inside ready to face her future.
Years later, that encounter would come into her mind while she was watching the cover of Activating Evolution, the book that would give her the answers to the questions she still wouldn't dare to ask about herself. 
And that day she would finally discover that nice man’s full name.
Chandra Suresh.


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Mar. 24th, 2008 11:00 am (UTC)
Oooh this is great! I love how you mention HRG and the Haitian and Chandra! Great work hun ;)
Mar. 24th, 2008 11:13 am (UTC)

Thank you, Dee!
Coming up: Elizabeth meets Gabriel for the first time : )
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