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Unexpected (2/2)

Title: Unexpected (2/2)
Characters: Elizabeth Porter, Daphne Porter
Rating: PG
Summary: Elizabeth calls the only person that might help her deal with her situation... and makes an unexpected discovery.

Unbeta'd, so forgive my mistakes

Like always, Elizabeth ended up calling her. She was her confident, her anchor… her favorite source of advice and common sense. And beside that, she was the only one to know about that ‘reading people’ thing she was able to do.
But honestly, Elizabeth didn’t think her Granma would worry so much… So much, actually, that she was thinking of catching a plane and come visit her in New York for a couple of days.
“Granma, really… don’t. I’m fine!”
“Fine? I can tell when you’re fine or not, and you’re definitely freaking out. We need to talk in front of a nice cup of tea, and since you can’t move, I’ll move.”
“Shut up. I’ll make your Dad book one of those economic flight for me. See you soon, sweetie and… hold on. Everything will be just fine.”
 Elizabeth sighed and closed the call. She really wanted to believe her Granma, but… that ‘thing’ was growing stronger. She could feel it. It had started only as a simple feeling in the back of her head.  Now she could feel more emotions coming from the people around her; not only the strongest ones, like that day in the corridor. It was like someone painted her world every day with colors newer and brighter than the day before. 

Granma Daphne showed up the next day at her school, much to Elizabeth’s surprise.
Granma? What are you doing here?”
“Why are you so surprised, Lizzie? I told you I would come. I took a night flight.”
“You did what?”
“Watch your tone, young lady. I’m not so old!”
Elizabeth shook her head and hugged the old lady. Her Granma was the kindest and loveliest woman Elizabeth had ever met in her life. She was also strong and stubborn like hell.
Daphne Kenmore had been a nurse during World War II, the same war that took her first love away from her. She had refused to marry out of convenience to justify her pregnancy and she raised her son on her own ignoring what the others said about her. Then one day she entered a watchmaker shop because her watch had stopped… and three months later, Charles Porter, watchmaker, made an honest woman out of her and adopted her child.
Needless to say, Elizabeth would give everything to be just like her.
Daphne put her hands on her niece’s shoulders. “Come on, child. We need to talk. And possibly, not in the cafeteria I’ve just passed… my God, Lizzie, do you really eat in there?”
“No, I don’t. No one eats here, “ joked Elizabeth. “Besides, I have to stay thin.”
“A little bit thinner and you’ll be transparent. Come on, I know the right place… a lovely tearoom I went to when I lived here with Charles in the Seventies… and before you ask, yes, it’s still open and in good condition. I checked. And there they serve the most amazing chocolate cake…”
“God, Granma, this is way below the belt!”
Daphne smiled. “I know. Let’s go!”
Two cups of tea and a slice of cake later, Daphne knew everything that had happened to her niece. 
And Elizabeth could tell she wasn’t shocked. Or frightened. Just… happy. For her.
“It’s a gift,” she said. “You are a very lucky girl, Elizabeth.”
“It’s just… It’s so weird. And scary, sort of. It has grown so fast in the last days...”
“Fear only fear itself, Elizabeth. Don’t be ever scared of what you feel or of your gift.”
“What if can’t control it?”
Daphne gave her a knowing smile. “Lizzie… you’ve always had it in you. It has merely… evolved.”
“You’re lying.”
Elizabeth wanted to bury herself. Hadn’t she just called her Granma a liar? But she didn’t look affected by her words. She just kept on sipping her tea.
“Correct. You felt like I was keeping something from you, right?”
Elizabeth widened her eyes. “How can you…?”
And all of sudden Elizabeth understood.
“Oh my God, you’re like me.”
Daphne nodded.
“It started during the war… that’s why I became a nurse. I couldn’t stand to feel so much pain and doing nothing. I had to help. Especially after what happened to Daniel.”
“I… I would've never imagined that.”
“A woman can have her secrets. And that’s what this gift has to be, a secret. I never told a soul, not even your father. I suggest you to do the same.”
“Not a problem. Everyone would think I’m crazy.”
“My point exactly, dear.”
Wow. Of all things, she would never suspected that. Granma was like her. She could understand what she was experiencing. God. That was incredible. But there was something else she had to ask.
“Granma… this whole thing made me think... you know...  that time Mom took me at Green Lake…”
Daphne narrowed her eyes. “Marion made a mistake at leaving you there. You needed to feel love and affection after that emotional shock, not medicines!”
“What are you talking about?”
“Honey…” Daphne sighed, taking Elizabeth’s hand in hers, “There was a bad accident in your street when you were a kid. A child almost died. I think that put everything in motion… but you were too young, you couldn’t cope. You had an emotional breakdown, and everyone assumed there was something wrong with  you. I tried to get you out of that place as soon as I discovered where you were, but when I realized I couldn’t I called your father.”
And he had immediately interrupted his business trip and went to that mental institution, like a dashing hero on his white horse, to save his little princess. Or at least that was what her mother had told him that night during their fight. And then came her birthday and the dancing shoes…
“I never thought these two things could be connected. Anyway, dancing helped. Still does, actually. I always feel better when I practice.”
“It keeps you focused. And you are amazing to look when you dance. Perfect combination, don’t you think?”
Elizabeth tried to smile, but the memory of the mental institution was still too vivid in her mind. She had been so scared back then, all alone in an unknown place. there wasn't other children so she had to stay alone with the nurse that had to look after her... She knew Mom had taken her there to make her feel better, but the only thing she wanted was to go home...
“I didn’t mean to upset you, Lizzie. But you needed to know.”
Elizabeth nodded. Granma was right, as always. She took a deep breath and finished her tea.
“With this gift you can help people… but it can also help you dealing with people. You have an insight on their heads no one else has. This can lead you to… questionable choices, I should probably warn you.  Questionable for the others, not for you, anyway. Never doubt yourself.”
“So… to hell with people, I’m right and they are wrong?”
Daphne laughed. “I knew I raised you well! And now… I have something for you.”
Granma took her purse and gave her a little blue box, telling Elizabeth to open it. Inside there was her grandfather’s pocket watch.
“What? No, no way. I can’t take it.”
“You can and you will. I want you to have it. Charles always said it was his good luck charm, and right now I think you might need one.”
Elizabeth grazed the watch. “Thanks… It’s beautiful.”
“Defend it with your life,” said Daphne jockingly.
“That goes without saying, Granma” replied Elizabeth, with the same tone.
And then they both burst into laugher.
Everything will go just fine, her Granma had said to her during that phone call.
 And now Elizabeth was sure of it.


Mar. 28th, 2008 11:01 am (UTC)
Thanks! I'm having such fun writing this stories.
Remember that pocket watch, tho. It's important... now and in the other Lizzie fics ; )