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Heroes/OC fanfictions

This community is affiliated with heroes_the_list. The stories are mine, and so is Elizabeth Porter, so don't take without my permission. She's played by Scarlett Johansson because she's pretty, talented, and because when I saw a picture of Scarlett I immediately thought, 'ZOMG, this is Elizabeth.'

This community will be Heroes/OC, or completely OC at times. It will host my fic on Lizzie and Julie, her little sister, gifted with enhanced memory. Probably it will host also the other characters I've claimed from The List, Kara Wycliffe and Aaron Gray, if and when they will cross path with my empathic ballerina, now psychologist-in-training. But all the real Heroes do that at a certain point, right? : )

Hope you'll enjoy my fics. Comments are love!

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